Smart Watch or Smart Cuffs?

In line with the latest Mac rumors, Apple will probably be announcing their extended anticipated smart watch along-side the completely new iPhone 6 inside a media event on September 9, 2014. The Apple smart watch is predicted to contain numerous medical sensors to look at the wearer’s steps taken, heartbeat, hrs superiority sleep, etc. This sort of information, combined with the “HealthKit” developers tools that Apple released in June of the season, can result in new health and fitness apps to help wearers monitor and boost their general health and well-being.

Speculate anybody which has ever labored with complex systems knows, the introduction of new technology frequently leads to unanticipated effects. This can be much more true when the new technology can be viewed as a game title-changer inside the multi-big health care industry. It’s even truer yet when there are lots of organizations involved involving the wearer in addition to their physician, such as the wearer’s employer as well as the employer’s insurance carrier.

Like me usually an early on adopter of latest technology, two recent articles continually come inside your ideas after i contemplate the anticipated benefits and potential drawbacks of wearing a great watch. The initial will be a This summer time 3, 2014 Businessweek article about Carolinas Healthcare which runs more than 900 hospitals, assisted living facilities, as well as other care centers. Carolinas Healthcare remains purchasing information on the cardboard purchases, store loyalty card transactions as well as other records on over 2 million people chytr√© hodinky. The pointed out purpose of analyzing people’s spending habits is always to develop more comprehensive risk assessments than may be done according to information patients of your accord tell their doctors.

The second article will be a Forbes article from June 19, 2014 about how precisely “more employers are opting to look at data being generated by fitness trackers” to enable them to reward participation in company wellness programs and punish unhealthy behavior. The information proceeds to indicate that sales to employers are some of the fastest growing segment of Fitbit’s sales.

When I personally don’t have any worries about my employer “opting to look at” sensors in the smart watch (I run my own, personal business) I have had a broader be worried about the general direction society is heading by accepting the notion that it’s Appropriate for 3rd parties (employers, insurance firms, government, etc.) to look at nearly all aspects of our method of existence. Granted, we love to a society already hands out a substantial volume of information to 3rd parties for instance cell phone companies who know who we call where we are 24/7, bank card companies who know everything we buy, an internet-based marketing companies who track our every move online.


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