Ophthalmology EMR & PM Software

Individual patient cases, surgeries to be scheduled, prescription slips to be done, and billing to be on top of and test results, sorting and organizing in patient files and the administrative tasks as well? You’ll need to look for robust Ophthalmology Electronic Health Records (EMR) software and Practice Management Software to streamline each of these tasks on a single system through easy one-click protocols.


This blog is aimed at helping you shortlist your Ophthalmology EMR Software selection.


Top features of Ophthalmology EMR Software


To have a good knowledge of how the software works, it is advisable to master the different features and functionalities of the software. Before choosing an Ophthalmology EHR software, you need to determine if the software has the next key features:


Specific Templates: Ophthalmology EMR software should offer customizable templates for SOAP notes, a handy tool for efficient patient consultations.


ICD/CPT Specific Codes – Ophthalmology EMR software should offer unique and updated CDC codes and lists


Workflow Management: Ophthalmology EMR software should offer financial/clinical documentation recording, management, and clinical decision support.


Integration With Machinery – Ophthalmology EMR software should offer vision testing device integration (e.g., auto refractors and keratometers , visual field machines, etc.).


Ophthalmology Dashboard: Ophthalmology EMR software should include an insightful real-time dashboard that can help physicians view patient charts, profiles, billing processes, scheduling, etc.


Diagrams & Graphs: Ophthalmology EMR software must be appropriate for digital pen technology to create notes on handheld devices.


Faster Prescriptions: Ophthalmology EMR software should assist in monitoring prescriptions and the sale of contact lenses and eyeglasses for an emergency prescription if there is a loss.


EMRSystems values its customers and has compiled a listing of the ten best and top-rated Ophthalmology EMR & PM software solutions for physician practices in 2020. The list is exclusively centered on customer reviews and ratings and is as follows:


  • PrognoCIS EMR Software
  • Modernizing Medicine Healthcare IT Suite
  • Revolution EMR Software
  • MaximEyes EHR Software
  • EyeMD EMR Software
  • My Vision Express EMR Software
  • Eyefinity EHR Software
  • Mudflow EMR Software
  • IntelleChart EMR Software
  • Eyefinity EHR Software


Ophthalmology Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software available in the market have been in hundreds, and they supply plenty of features. Centered on our conversations with the practitioners and medical officers, most of them find these features (besides a few) as redundant or irrelevant and often perceive them as an advertising gimmick. Our advice is to truly look at your clinical and administrative workflow to ascertain the areas of the EHR you need and also consult your provider to ensure the Internal medicine Software you are choosing only provides relevant features and not more than that which you need.

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